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Home > News&Blog > Blog > Innovation & Applications > Safety Advancements in Automated Lawn Care: RoboUP's Comprehensive Obstacle Avoidance Approach

Safety Advancements in Automated Lawn Care: RoboUP's Comprehensive Obstacle Avoidance Approach

By RoboUP - 2024/04/26

In this day and age, automated lawn care is becoming a trend that allows home owners and gardeners from all around the world to sit back and relax as their lawn gets a hassle-free trim. However, many still worry about the safety issues that could occur from using robot lawn mowers. This is why the importance of obstacle avoidance must be emphasized.

As leaders in this field, RoboUP places safety as priority. Our commitment to ensuring a secure environment for both users and bystanders is reflected in our advanced approach to non-contact obstacle avoidance. With a blend of cutting-edge robot mower enhancement technologies, such as AI vision, ultrasonic sensors, and contact collision detection, we've established a comprehensive suite of safety measures. Now, let's take a closer look into the diverse methods of obstacle avoidance, each designed to elevate the safety standards of RoboUP robot mowers to unprecedented levels.

All-Around Sensing System.jpg

Contact Collision Detection

Contact collision detection is an essential safety feature in robot lawn mowers with obstacle avoidance, allowing them to navigate and interact safely with their surroundings. This technology utilizes collision strips and sensors to detect obstacles and other objects in the mower's path, enabling it to adjust its trajectory or stop to avoid collisions.

1. Collision strips, collision sensors
Collision strips, typically made of soft materials like rubber or foam plastic, are attached to the edges or corners of the robot mower to absorb impact forces during collisions. Meanwhile, collision sensors detect contact between the mower and obstacles, generating signals that prompt the mower to take appropriate action, such as stopping, changing direction, or executing other predefined actions.

2. Current collision, induction detection
In the absence of dedicated collision sensors, RoboUP employs a unique collision detection method by monitoring changes upfront. This approach utilizes AI-driven algorithms to monitor changes in the load on the drive wheels, which increase significantly upon collision impact, triggering an immediate response from the robot mower to halt its operation. The advantage of this method lies in the ability to detect collisions instantly and take action immediately after a collision occurs, without the need for additional hardware. It offers a practical solution for situations where traditional collision sensors cannot be installed, ensuring reliable detection and obstacle avoidance. However, it may occasionally encounter challenges in accurately distinguishing collision-induced load changes from other factors such as motor activity or load fluctuations.

Non-Contact Obstacle Avoidance.jpg

Non-Contact Obstacle Avoidance

Non-contact obstacle avoidance refers to the method used by automated devices or machines to detect and avoid obstacles without direct contact, relying on some form of sensing technology. Such methods typically depend on various sensors and algorithms.

RoboUP's No-Contact Obstacle Avoidance Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3o_7Gvqs1Y

1. AI Vision

AI vision obstacle avoidance leverages AI technology that enables robotics to recognize and avoid obstacles through a visual system. This innovative approach relies on cameras or other sensors installed on the robot to capture environmental data of the surroundings. Advanced AI learning algorithms then analyze this big data to identify potential obstacles. The advantage of AI vision obstacle avoidance lies in its non-contact nature, making it safer and more effective in some situations compared to traditional physical collision detection methods. However, AI vision obstacle avoidance also faces challenges such as changes in lighting conditions, occlusion issues, dynamic obstacle recognition, and algorithm accuracy in real-time scenarios must be addressed.

2. Ultrasonic Obstacle Avoidance

Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance relies on the reflection properties of ultrasonic waves to detect obstacles. This technology utilizes ultrasonic transmitters and receivers which are usually installed on the front or the side of the robot mower to achieve omnidirectional environmental perception.

While ultrasonic systems offer advantages such as simplicity, low cost, and rapid response, they are sensitive to environmental factors like temperature and humidity. Additionally, interference from other objects during ultrasonic wave propagation can lead to false readings, highlighting the need for robust detection algorithms.

Ultrasonic Obstacle Avoidance.jpg

In a landscape where safety and efficiency are paramount, RoboUP remains the trusted choice for homeowners and landscaping professionals alike. With our robust safety measures and relentless pursuit of excellence, we continue to redefine the possibilities of automated lawn maintenance, setting new standards for innovation and reliability in the industry. By incorporating advanced AI technology, ultrasonic systems, and contact collision detection, RoboUP's robot mowers offer comprehensive obstacle avoidance capabilities. These features ensure safe and efficient operation, providing peace of mind to users and minimizing the risk of damage to both the mower and its surroundings.

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