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Robot Mower



Technical Solutions


Enhance your RoboUP robot mower with our durable stainless steel replacement blades, providing extended lifespan, enhanced performance, and minimized corrosion. These blades offer three times the longevity of standard blades and are compatible with all RoboUP models.

$ 29.00 USD

Robot Mower Garage

Designed for all-weather use, the RoboUP TM01 comes with a matching garage to shield against rain and sun. The foldable top ensures easy access to the mower keypad and display while charging. Cable connections are conveniently accessible through the back cable hatch. Fits: T500, T1000, T1000P, T1200 Pro

$ 159.00 USD

Robot Mower RTK Adapter

RTK Base Station Power Supply Adapter for RoboUP TM01 Series

$ 39.99 USD

10m RTK Extension Cable

RTK Charging Station Extension 10 Meters Cable

$ 24.99 USD

Technical Solutions

  • Precise Positioning System
  • All-Around Sensing System
  • Superior Adaptability
  • Strong Central Processing Units

Our high-precision positioning system combines RTK, vSLAM, and INS for centimeter-level accuracy, ensuring reliable performance in any garden setting.

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RoboUP's sophisticated all-around sensing technology allows for obstacle detection, ensuring a safe and efficient operation. This includes the use of AI cameras, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, light sensors, temperature sensors, rain sensors, and a lift sensor.

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RoboUP excels in diverse garden settings. Its adaptive mowing and drive system make it suitable for efficiently mowing various lawn types, navigating precisely even on uneven terrain.

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RoboUP incorporates advanced processors for smart route planning and Over-the-Air updates, ensuring ongoing enhancements in performance and functionality.

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