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RoboUP Bug-Hunting Bounty Program

Date:2023-11-09    Author:RoboUP

RoboUP Buy-bounty Program

RoboUP Bug-Hunting Bounty Program

By RoboUP, November 9, 2023

RoboUP's Bug-Hunting Bounty Program appreciates the contributions of security researchers. As a budding player in the robot mower industry, we strive to enhance and contribute to its advancement. We value the vigilance of the security community in identifying vulnerabilities, and we offer rewards and recognition for novel disclosures. Your efforts not only bolster our product security but also contribute to the growth of this emerging industry, underscoring our commitment to safety and progress.

I. Classification and reward of system vulnerablity

Level 3 Vulnerablity
Obtaining the viewing permission of some files or partitions
$100 USD
Level 2 vulnerability
Access to the control permission of some files or partitions (can rewrite the content of files)
$200 USD
Level 1 vulnerability
Obtaining the root permission of all file systems
$500 USD

II. Reporting Guidelines

If you believe you have discovered a security or privacy vulnerability that affects RoboUP devices, software, services, please email your report to info@iroboup.com. RoboUP security engineers will personally review your report. If a report you submit is valid and eligible, you will receive a reward through the Bug-Hunting Bounty Program.

III. Reporting Channel


IV. Eligibility

To be eligible for the RoboUP Bug-Hunting Bounty Program, the issue you report must occur on the latest publicly available version of the designated software or platform, including beta versions. The issue must also occur on publicly available hardware or authorized devices.

Additionally, you must be the first party to report the issue directly to RoboUP email address. Your report must be clear and detailed and include a reliable way to reproduce the issue, such as a working exploit.Please do not disclose the issue publicly before RoboUP releases an update with a security advisory for the report.

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